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My Plan for getting a brand new car for FREE.

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

How to get a brand new car without spending any money from your own pocket.

If you have watched our "Why you should NEVER own a nice car" video you will now know that the smartest way to getting a new car is not to purchase one, nor to lease one... But to invest in an asset /investment which will pay for your lease. This way instead bleeding money in depreciation you will actually have an asset putting new money into your pocket.

Here is a detailed plan I made to evaluate each option:

£15,00 Budget

BMW 1 Series

Option 1: Buy the car cash


  • No monthly payments to worry about

  • Own the car for life

  • No need to have a good credit score

  • Can resell anytime


  • Car will depreciate every single day

  • I will have to bear all maintenance costs

  • Loss of £3k per year (Opportunity cost of investing £15,000 @20% ROI)

Option 2: Leasing the car

£15,000 budget means that i can afford monthly payments of £300 over a 48 month period


  • Brand new car

  • Very little maintenance needed

  • Pay monthly

  • Ability to drive brand new cars every couple of years


  • Will have to return vehicle when lease ends

  • £15k will be used up within 48 months

Option 3: Use an Asset to pay for the Lease

Instead of using the £15,000 to buy or lease the car I can invest it to create a monthly cashflow or yearly return.

For as long as the investment has an ROI (Return on Investment) of 25% per year, I can afford to spend £312.50 every month. (It is best to do the investment and the lease under a limited company for added tax efficiency.)

So here is what I would do:

Invest £15,000 with one of the property developers we know are currently offering returns of 30-35%.

Let’s assume that after 12 months I make a return of 30%, which equates to £4,500.

Post tax this will be around £3,900.

  1. Use the £3,900 to pay the deposit (£839.24)

  2. Use the remainder of the money (£3,060.76) to make the monthly payments for the year

  3. Re-invest the £15,000 to generate a return for year 2.

  4. Keep doing this (until I want to get a more expensive car!)

This way my hard earned £15,000 does not diminish and the car is not costing me anything from my own pocket!


  • Protecting my hard earned savings

  • All the pros of leasing


  • Have to wait a year to get return from investment. But this only applies to investments which give a return after 12 months. There are other strategies to get monthly cashflow.

So this is how it's done :)


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