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Finding great investment opportunities is no easy feat. 


Finding great halal investments is even more challenging.

We leverage our networks and contacts to find the best investment opportunities in the country.


We understand that not everyone has the time and ability to look for, analyse, evaluate and deeply research investment opportunities.


So here are the 3 things we do to help our Network of Muslim Investors grow their wealth in a halal way:



We scan the full investment landscape across all asset classes to identify good investment opportunities. Having strong relationships in the property and business world allows us access to many off-market opportunities. Sadly only 5% of all the hundreds of opportunities we come across are Shari'ah Compliant.  The next challenge is finding opportunities which meet our strict criteria:


1. Investment is secured by an asset

2. Investment has an experienced team behind it

3. Investment has previous happy investors

4. Investment offers double-digit ROI 

5. Investment is ideally regulated by FCA

6. Investment has multiple exit options

7. The worst-case scenario does not involve losing all capital



Once we have identified an opportunity which meets our criteria, we then move on to our Due Diligence process.


1. Do company and entity checks

2. Visit the company office

3. Visit the sites (if involving land, construction or property development)

4. Verify previous track record of successful projects

5. Verify all critical information and facts claimed in the pitch/proposal 

6. Explore worst-case scenarios and mitigation plans

7. Speak to previous investors

8. Do company and individual reputational checks

9. If applicable, test their platform/systems/service




Once we are satisfied with the due diligence process and we feel comfortable investing ourselves, we invite the team behind the opportunity to present to our investors. This takes place in Central London and is live streamed and recorded for our network members.


Amount of investment made so far from our network


Expected profit generated for our investors. Extra wealth generated for our community!

Contact us to find out more about our current opportunities

Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch very shortly

Some important disclaimers:


- We are not financial advisors

-Always seek professional advice when investing
- There is always an element of risk when investing, the value of your investment can go up and down
- Golden Touch Academy is an investment introducer and does not hold funds on account nor manages any invested funds.

- Golden Touch Academy does not market specific investments. Golden Touch Academy allows its network members to meet companies who have suitable investment opportunities

- Golden Touch Academy is impartial and does not seek to persuade investors towards any one particular investment opportunity. Therefore Golden Touch Academy takes no responsibility for the financial decisions of its members.

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