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We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to be financially free and be able to spend their precious time on the things that matter the most. We want to help thousands of Muslims achieve their inspiring visions and legacies.


To educate ethical people in the art of wealth creation, empower them with halal investment opportunities and show them the path to ultimate financial freedom.


We believe that you should have the time


Usman Miah

Usman Ahmed


After excelling at GCSEs and A Levels, Usman went on to study BSc Physics at the University of Manchester. He then qualified as a science teacher and pursued the teaching profession until he made an important realization. Having been involved in Da’wah work locally and internationally since the age of 17, he found it increasingly difficult to make time for his islamic activities and personal spiritual development. In 2013 he chose to sacrifice his teaching career in order to resume da'wah work, enhance his self development, and create financial freedom & flexibility. 


The next 3 years were a tremendous journey experimenting various online and offline businesses whilst simultaneously doing more Da’wah work and conveying the message.

The 6 year journey in search for freedom led him to set up businesses in various sectors such as  supply teaching, first aid, private tutoring, tuition agency, online marketing, business advisory and more.

The final stage of the journey was Property. Usman invested heavily in educating himself through mentors and programs on different property strategies to create passive income, flexibility and freedom.

Over the last 2 years Usman has implemented selected strategies and now has a 100% flexible work life-balance with no boss and multiple (active and residual) income streams from various ventures.

He is now passionate to help others do the same.

The new found freedom has allowed Usman to spend more time pursuing his passion of teaching and personal development. Over the last 5 years he has taught courses and workshops in UK and abroad on Marriage, Teaching Skills, Overcoming Habits, Time Management and Personal Growth.





After achieving straight As at GCSE and A-levels, Tanim studied BSc Economics at the London School of Economics. Before starting his degree Tanim took a gap year to work for Deloitte in order to avoid taking loans for university.

While at university, Tanim was the president of the LSE SU Islamic Society and worked for Deloitte, Bloomberg, UBS and Barclays. Having always wanted to be an entrepreneur Tanim took a gap year after graduating and started an online business, helping students and graduates succeed at job interviews and assessment centres. In a short space of 2 years, his training helped over 2000 people in 19 countries and opened his eyes to power of the internet in starting, scaling and automating a business.


After setting up (and automating) this first venture Tanim spent 3 years learning everything he could about the world of business. He re-educated himself by learning from mentors, studying 60+ business books and working in various businesses and industries such as eCommerce, Direct Sales, Digital Marketing,  Health& Nutrition, Busines Development and Consulting.


He has a passion for harnessing the power of business for social good and has co-founded 4 businesses, all of which are focused on helping others achieve more.


Over the years Tanim has seen many talented people becoming trapped in the infamous "Rat Race", and observed inspired and driven young people become depressed and soul-less empty suits. Tanim is now on a mission to help people escape this trap and live a life of fulfilment, contribution and passion.

Tanim has been featured on BBC Breakfast Show, BBC Asian Network, Revive FM and multiple blogs, podcasts and events.


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This is to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being one of our speakers at the event.  Your presence has undoubtedly contributed to the success of the conference.  The audience were inspired by your knowledge and experience shared with them.  It is also evident from the overwhemingly positive  feedback that the youths have benefitted from your generousity of sharing valuable tips and advice on financial awareness with them.  


We pray that Allah continue to bless you on the path of Deen al Islam.  Aameen.


With duas,


Hajia Mujidah Mebude

Secretary General,

Federation of Muslim Women's Association UK

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